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Carpet Cleaning Footscary takes pride in being one of the industry leaders for our eco-friendly services and hard work to make your place pest-free. No matter what kind of pest problems you are facing, count on our competent pest control Footscray experts’ skills. As a renowned local pest control company, we set our wheels on moving throughout Footscray to provide combined and advanced pest treatments. Moreover, we are environmentally conscious and use state-of-the-art machines only.

In fact, when you call us at 03 4050 7972 for ants, spiders, moths, bees, cockroaches, flies or rodent control services, we avail them. Do you want to know the timings to book any of these pest control services? There are no specific timings for bookings! Because we are available round the clock from Monday to Sunday throughout the year without taking holidays and weekends. Similarly, we are also available for enquiries. So, call us anytime! 

Make Your Indoors And Outdoors Pest-Free With Us

On the way to making your property’s indoors and outdoors pest-free, we give the best pest control Footscray service deals. We arrive at the right time at the right location for providing well-timed pest control services. 

  • Inspection Of The Area: To discover the root cause of pest issues, our experts always take note to thoroughly do an area inspection. Because this way we can directly prevent re-entry and re-infestation of pests. 
  • Fumigation Or Fogging: No way are you going for DIYs when you have an extraordinary option like fogging for pest control. Because fogging can get rid of diverse pest types in your home. 
  • Pesticides Spray: There are many pests that can be killed as they are not legally protected. Hence we use pesticide spraying for such pest control treatment. 
  • Use Of Baits And Repellents: One of our appreciable works is the use of baits and repellents for a larger range of pest infestations. Also, once you take our help for baits and repellents we make both your indoors and outdoors free of pests. 
  • Dead Pest Removal: When we arrive at your home to do dead pest removal, we go for human and pet-friendly pest control methods. Therefore, be worry-free about your health and your pets’ health. 
  • Prevention Tips: Depending on the pest types and their infestations in your home, we advise you about different prevention tips. These tips will help you in case of future entry of pests. 

Range Of Pests We Control In Footscray 

We have expert-level training as well as in field real-world experience and hence provide a wide range of pest type elimination. By all means, we meet all your needs with reasonably charging pest control prices. Moreover, we are also a provider of low pest inspection cost services. 

Cockroach Control  

Did you find cockroaches in your kitchen, attic, sewer lines and even in the corners of your refrigerator? Eliminate them today with our residential pest control services. In fact, for services like cockroach control, we specially avail emergency and same-day services. 

Possum Removal   

Did you find a possum carcass in a borrow near the tree in your garden and in search of pest control near me for possum removal services? Your wait comes to an end once you contact us. So, consider and hire for dead possum removal! 

Silverfish Control  

As soon as you find a silverfish, be quick to book our professional pest control services for silverfishes. Because there are high chances of this single silverfish increasing its number into many more in a short time.  

Borer Control  

Our Pest control Footscray team is here with both talent and experience when it comes to providing Borer pests control services for our clients. Also, we have a clear understanding of appearances, signs, types and many more factors about borer pests. 

Moth Control  

It is not at all beneficial if you let moths live in the same space as you as they are very likely to contaminate your food at any chance they get. So, instead of sealing away the cracks and crevices of your home, grab our pest control treatment for moth types. 

Flea Control  

As there are also other types of fleas such as cat fleas and dog fleas in addition to human fleas, they cause anguish to all of them. But with our eco-friendly pest control services for fleas you are next in line to be free of flea threats. 

Bed Bug Control  

Although bed bugs don’t cause deadly diseases to humans, they pose a serious threat to your medical health. Therefore, if you find symptoms of bug bites after an overnight sleep, worry not to hire us for bed bug pest control services. 

Wasp Removal  

Generally, if a queen wasp chooses your place to build its nest then your wood is done for as it chews up a lot of the selected wood place. Fortunately, you have our emergency pest control for highly-ranging wasps and their nest removal. 

Ant Control  

Every year, many new species of ants are discovered around the world and most of which have no problem living along with humans. But if you have a problem with ants, do not forget that we are always available for offering ants pest control Footscray services. 

Spider Control  

The severity of spider infestation in your homes gives you chills down the spine and also makes you vary of not for our non-toxic pest control. This is because we use both the simplest and the latest methods to treat spider colonies. 

Rodent Control  

Most of the rodents damage electrical wiring, insulation, water and drainage pipes. But you can make your home rodent-free property by keeping hope on our rodent control services. 

Flies Control  

Like fleas, there are species of flies that live on human blood and land on your food to vomit. However, if you don’t want this to happen in any case, make sure to opt for our advanced technology flies control methods. 

Bee Removal

When left alone, bees often build their hives in unoccupied houses with wooden structures. So, if you are in search of pre-purchase inspection and removal for bees then wait no more to contact us. 

Our Collection Of Pest Control Footscray Services 

To remove different kinds of pests, we categorised our services for pest control into a variety of collections. Additionally, the pest control prices are also different for each service and vary accordingly. 

Emergency And Same-Day Pest Control

For a reliable pest control Footscray team, all you have to do is to contact and book us for same-day and emergency services. Then, you get to experience the well-versed pest control services that don’t miss to meet any of your needs. 

End Of Lease Pest Control

Like pests that are comfortable living around humans, there are also other pests that like to live in unoccupied houses. So, calm down to quickly call us to get an end-of-lease affordable pest control service. 

Large Area Pest Infestation Treatment

There are many residential premises in Footscray where pests tend to attack and do large area pest infestation treatment. Thus, we take the jobs for doing any kind of pest control treatment for large areas. 

Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment For All Pests 

Did you set your mind on finding a company that offers good eco-friendly pest control services in Footscray? Then, you better call us. Our services are not just eco-friendly pest treatment but also pet-friendly pest control ones. 

Qualified Experts For Termite Inspection, Control & Treatment

When you notice holes in the wooden belongings or lines of termite buildings across and along with the floors, count on us for low pest inspection cost service. This service has an important part of termite detection by thermal imaging cameras. Right after inspection and reporting the findings, our fully licensed professionals do termite control by installing barriers to physical and chemical products. Depending on the property size, shape and severity of the infestation, we install any physical or chemical barriers. To complete and round off the termite treatment, we do all-around protection against pest infestations. 

Why Choose Us? 

To give you a one-time solution, we do such a pest control service that you need no more follow-up treatments and drive all kinds of pests away. Moreover, our services benefit you in different ways like the following: 

  • Clients Joy- To make our clients’ days joyous post pest control services, we provide on-time service and take everyday bookings. In fact, with our services, you are sure to be joyous and give us positive feedback.
  • On-Site Services- Often people are worried if we do onsite pest control treatment for Footscray residents. But we want to clarify this by answering that we provide on-site services for every Footscray property.
  • Prioritise Low Costs- Be it pest control cost for indoors or outdoors of a property, our priority to charge costs are low. Although our pest control prices are low, the quality of service is not! 
  • Eco-Safe Solutions- The solutions our pest controllers utilise are no doubt eco-safe and locally approved ones. Moreover, you can trust us for using the latest and tested solutions. 
  • Have Expertise In Termite Control- Our pest control Footscray team is an expert in termite control service too besides the above-mentioned pests. Also, we have advanced tools and machines for termite control and treatment. 


What are the common problems rats and mice can cause to my Footscray house? 

Common problems rats and mice cause to houses are:
– Structural damages
– Breakwater pipes
– Cut electrical wires
– Damages plants in the garden, etc.

How do your experts remove possums by prioritising their safety? 

When you hire us for possum removal, we dispatch a special possum pest control Footscray team that prioritises possum safety. To not harm possums in any way, we use eco-friendly pest control agents, safe one-way traps and doors. So, hesitate not to book us today! 

What measures do I take to prevent bed bugs from entering my mattress? 

Bed bug prevention tips are as follows: 
– Vacuum your mattress every week
– If any clutter is present under the bed, remove it
– If possible, encase the mattress with dust and mite-proof covers
– Avoid storing plastic items, etc. 

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